Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why is Lola taking so long to settle down on the eggs after her break?

The following video, taken last Saturday by Bruce Yolton and posted on his remarkable blog -- -- provides a perfectly clear answer.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Redtail Roundup

Pale Male & Lola -- 5th Ave & 74th St. sitting on eggs since 3/8/09
Pale Male & Lola in Fifth Avenue nest 3/24/09
Photo courtesy of

Note: the nest does seem to be a bit thicker and higher this year.

Riverside Park redtails
nesting in Riverside Park, near Boat Basin at about 81st St. Sitting on eggs since 3/22


Riverside Park Mom in nest --3/22/09-- Photo by Bruce Yolton--

Botanical Gardens Redtails [formerly the Fordham hawks]

Letter received 3/24/09 from Carol Capobianco at The New York Botanical Garden:

Knowing your passion for our urban birds here in New York City, you’ll be interested to know that a pair of red-tailed hawks are building a nest on the Library building at The New York Botanical Garden. This is the pair that is believed to have previously nested at Fordham University. Members of our Science department can see the action from their windows and blogged about it on Plant Talk today,

Trump Park Redtails -- Junior and Charlotte
nesting on a high floor at 888 7th Avenue

Brent B. Odom writes [to Bruce Yolton]

 I just wanted to let you know that I can confirm at least
one egg in Jr. and Charlotte's nest this season. I do not have any photos, but I was able to see Charlotte rolling an egg earlier today.

Other hawk news
[from Bruce Yolton]

No more Houston St. nest. If she has established a new nest with a new
mate downtown is uncertain.

Cathedral Pair has become scarce. They may have moved nest sites or she's
hunkered down already.

City College Nest looks bigger, but no more info

Highbridge back to old safe spot.

Inwood Pair doing fine.

Pale Male's nest is at least an inch higher.


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Sunday, March 22, 2009

They're there!

Eastern Phoebe
Photo by Lloyd Spitalnik - April 10, 2008

From e-birds, the New York City birdwatching listserv:

It's spring again in CP. 2-3 Phoebes seen near Turtle Pond at around 11:30 AM, Sunday morning. Another reported earlier in Shakespeare Garden.
Alan Margolies (with others on a Sunday morning walk)