Saturday, June 11, 2005

He wasn't arriving. He was departing: A correction from John Blakeman

Photo by D. Bruce Yolton
[re-posted from yesterday]

John Blakeman looked at my posting of Pale Male Jr. and Charlotte at their Trump Parc nest yesterday and sent in the following correction:


Jr. is not attempting to land on the corbel (or whatever it is) in the posted photo. He's just taken off and is gliding away from the nest ledge. He's about 20 feet or so away from the nest, dropping at a slight angle and heading toward the camera.

If he were landing in this body position, he'd have to be in the air, above and behind the nest, putting him on the other side of the wall.

This photo, like all the others of the Central Park red-tails, shows the dynamic aeronautic configuration of the wing and tail feathers. Pure beauty in my eye.


John A. Blakeman