Friday, April 08, 2005

Blakeman replies to Watson's defence of Kestrels

Blakeman replies to Steve Watson's letter about Kestrels and their diligence at egg-sitting:

Steve Watson is quite correct about kestrel tiercels being equally good at incubating, compared to the females. I intended to refer only to red-tails. The males of kestrels and other falcons are very accommodating and accomplished incubators. Kestrels were the first falcons to be bred consistently in captivity, and their reliable incubation was noted early on. This prompted captive breeding efforts of peregrines, which likewise incubated well in captivity.
And I think that some tiercel red-tails are rather eager incubators, too. But in general, they tend not to be as enthusiastic about sitting as the females. Different species, different traits.
Steve's kestrel nestbox camera is providing views seldom seen by anyone of this otherwise common species. A wonderful site.

John A. Blakeman