Saturday, April 16, 2005

Blakeman: I'll answer questions soon

More really fine queries. But I'm catching up on lots of paperwork. . . I'll try to have responses in a day or two. The observations on hawk wing aerodynamics are important and interesting.
I drove past a local red-tail nest today on returning from a prairie design workshop, but didn't have time to even stop. Nonetheless, a parent was standing on the rim of the nest leaning over it. I'm certain that it was feeding a newly hatched eyass or two. Good stuff.
And I know everyone will become ecstatic when the 927 eggs hatch. These good questions may have to wait until things settle down, should an eyass appear this weekend. I'll try to get something in as soon as I can.
And I want to counter your rejoinder. But later.

John A. Blakeman